Monday, 10 April 2017

The International Bee Appreciation Society AGM

 24 February - 19 March 2017
Was it a meeting?  Was it an art exhibition?  Whatever it was, by the last day (19.3.17), more than sixty real people had visited Cottleston to view the sixty tiny (A5) watercolour human bee-appreciators' portraits and participate in the inaugural meeting of a brand new society: the International Bee Appreciation Society.
Red dots were abundant and the artist and writer is pleased to report that those who had requested or been coerced into having their portrait painted but who missed out this time, there will bee another and it will be even bigger and better! Contact Cottleston Gallery to bee included. Purchased absent members will be present by Proxy Print.

Those who had their portrait here will be issued with a special gorgeous frameable 'Foundation Member' certificate, and will also be eligible to receive a free quarterly newsletter containing amazing bee information, competitions, special discounts of bee-related products and more.
Associate membership is also available.  

There is more information in this article in the New Zealand Beekeepers' newsletter here.
And there is an article from the SunLive here. 

Here are some views of the gallery during the exhibition.

Thank you to Lee Switzer of ARTbop for the first two.

Julie Green and Rosemary Peek. Opening night - Photo by Lee Switzer ARTbop

Wendy Pedersen, opening night - Photo by Lee Switzer ARTbop

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