Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bees and Birds and Bugs too.

   Having embarked on a futile journey to paint the iridescence of beetles for the first six months of her post graduate degree, Tauranga artist Katherine Steeds developed a fascination for cockroaches, before finally settling on the honey bee Apis mellifera, and has been including bees in her art ever since.  She is currently painting a series of portraits of bees with people, which can be viewed in an exhibition at Cottleston Art Gallery Tauranga in the spring.
In the meantime you can see her paintings plus work by Dick Frizzell, Adrian Wesley Martin, Angela Moritz, Mandy Williams, Keith Woodley, Whareangiangi Pita, Peter McIntyre, Laurie Steer,  Jaime Jenkins, Nicol Sanders-O'Shea and others,  11- 4.30 at Cottleston every day except Mondays.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Anne Stråtveit

Anne Stråtveit is a classically-taught artist.  She currently lives in New Zealand and attended the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, where, from the very beginning her developing style was compared with Cezanne's.  Her paintings show her ability to simplify the 3-D form and render it with a minimum of confident brush-strokes.
Additionally, her use of a limited palette and subtle warm and cool colour mixes, coordinates each work within its frame. Together these characterise her work.
Extensive travel throughout Africa and Norway extended her use of colour and subject matter.  Her simple, blocky fishing village houses appear almost to have morphed from the jetties and stones of the shore, and her elegant African woman seem at one with the water pots and clay bricks around them.

A large number of her oil paintings including still lifes and portraits, will be exhibited at the Cottleston Tauranga, between 14 - 30 May 2016.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

New sign, new work.

Well, after a long hiatus at last the new Cottleston sign is up on the fence, and inside there are two large rooms full of interesting paintings for your perusal.  They include two of Katherine Steeds' painstakingly detailed diary-like works,  as well as a number from this artist that have not been exhibited publicly before. 
"Bees and Birds" will end on the 10th of May.
New: This exhibition has been extended until 30 May.